About us 

Research Park iNOVA is a facility located in Tˇrshavn, the Faroe Islands, where private enterprises and public institutions can access state-of-the-art laboratories, instruments, offices and an event location.

Research Park iNOVA was created as a part of a coordinated effort by the state and an array of the largest private enterprises on the islands to improve the scientific infrastructure of the Faroe Islands. 

Research Park iNOVA is an unique scientific environment, where research departments of private companies shares a roof with the university and public research institutions, granting improved access to high-end instruments and allowing coordinated cooperation and shared skills and competences between users.


Research Park iNOVA houses 550 m2 of modern laboratory space in a newly refurbished location belonging to the Faroese Business Development Fund in the capital of the Faroe Islands. New laboratory benches, fume hoods and tissue culture clean benches are provided for the users, who in turn will install their own instruments in the facility. The laboratories are connected by large glass panes, which, combined with skylights, gives a light and open work environment.


Research Park iNOVA also provide access to a number of state-of-the-art instruments, including a real-time PCR instrument, which are owned by the Faroese Business Development Fund (Vinnuframi).


A part of Research Park iNOVA, the Foodlab, is dedicated to research and development of Faroese food specialties, including fermented meats, kelp and herbs. Part of the New Nordic Cuisine wave, the Foodlab is a modern kitchen facility equipped with precision cookware, including a dehydrator, a water bath and a Pacojet, where chefs and foodstuff specialist can develop new recipes and concepts involving Faroese specialties and raw materials.

Further information: Foodlab

Human Performance and Health Laboratory

Research Park iNOVA, together with the University of the Faroe Islands and the Faroese Business Development Fund, are now opening the Human Performance and Health Laboratory, a facility dedicated to research in human physiology located in Tˇrshavn.

The facility will be headed by professor Magni Mohr, Ph.D. from the University of the Faroe Islands while the funds necessary to procure the instrumentation has been provided by Faroese Business Development Fund. A list of the equipment, a Gas Analyzer and several high-end exercise instruments, installed in the Human Performance and Health laboratory can be found here.

Apart from enabling research in human physiology, The Human Performance and Health Laboratory will also provide an opportunity for the Faroese athletic community. Several exercise physilogical tests are available to ensure optimal training efficiency.

Further information: Human Performance and Health Laboratory

Offices and conference room:

Research Park iNOVA contains 16 office spaces, distributed into single or double offices, and a conference room
with video conferencing capabilities using Lifesize HD equipment. The conference room is available free of charge for Research Park iNOVA tenants.

Further information: Offices and Conference Room

Event location:

Research Park iNOVA also houses a 200 m2 event location, which can host conferences, film showings and other events. The location can be procured by all interested parties, and use of these facilities is available without additional fee to Research Park iNOVA tenants.

Further information: Event Location

Become part of Research Park iNOVA

It is still possible to become part of Research Park iNOVA, as there are unassigned laboratory spaces.
Further information about joining us: Research Park iNOVA