University of the Faroe Islands

Department of Science and Technology

The University of the Faroe Islands, at the time named Academia Færoensis, was founded in 1965 by members of the Faroese Science Society. 

The university initially consisted of one professor, Christiani Matras, and a secretary, Maud Heinesen. They mainly provided public school teachers with yearly courses in natural history and the faroese language, but they also held seminars open to the public.

The university of today is a sprawling institution consisting of the Department of Language and Literature, the Department of Education, the Department of History and Social Sciences, the Department of Nursing and the Department of Science and Technology.

The Department of Science and Technology offers bachelor degreess in Software Engineering, Biology and Natural Science – focusing on green energy (wind and ocean currents). The programmes are of international standard and enable students to access graduate studies abroad and in the Faroes. 

The department has ten full time science positions, fourteen adjunct positions and a number of substitute teachesr. Several externally funded Ph.D. students are also based at the department of Science and Technology.