National Hospital of the Faroe Islands

The National Hospital of the Faroe Islands (Landssj˙krah˙si­) is the Main Hospital in the Faroe Islands, specializing in 29 health care areas. Our aim is to offer the Faroese population and international patients a high quality health service in as many areas as possible. In those areas of health care where the hospital is not specialized, our aim is to offer patients the best possible treatment through close co-operation with other hospitals in the Nordic region.

Landssj˙krah˙si­, originally named Dronning Alexandrines Hospital after the Danish Queen, was founded in 1924. In the 1960ĺs the hospital was expanded and officially declared the National Hospital of the Faroe Islands. The last large expansion of the hospital was completed in 2004. It enlarged the hospitals physical area by 5.600 well equipped square meters containing among others a whole new department of surgery, emergency unit, laboratory and medical outpatient clinic. Landssj˙krah˙si­ uses an Electronic Health Record (Cosmic Gambio) system that connects the entire national health service.