Illumina NextSeq 500 Sequencing System

The Gene Sequencing Center at Research Park iNOVA offers access to a NextSeq 500 Sequencing System.

The NextSeq 500 Sequencing System delivers the power of high-throughput sequencing with the speed, simplicity, and affordability of a desktop NGS (next-generation sequencing) system. The fast, integrated, sample-to-results workflow enables many sequencing applications—including exomes, whole genomes, and transcriptomes—in a single run. This NGS system fits seamlessly into research laboratories, with no need for specialized equipment. Now, researchers can perform any combination of high- and mid-throughput sequencing applications to advance their studies.


NextSeq 500 Sequencing System




Illumina Experiment Manager (program used to create sample sheets)

Sequencing Analysis Viewer (program used to control data quality)

Owned and operated by:

The Faroese Business Development Fund (Vinnuframi)


Janus Vang, Ph.D.