Faroese Startups in International Competition

Faroese startups are now getting an opportunity to show what they can do.

A competion between selected faroese startups will be held on friday the 18. of september, and the winner gets to represent the Faroe Islands in the international competion "Creative Business Cupö, which is hosted this november in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Creative Business Cup is an international competion for startups, where the competitors comes from an array of creative businesses. The goal of the project is to connect the creative community to the business community.

This years Creative Business Cup, which is hosted by Center for Culture and Experience Economy, have participants from 53 countries.

The competition in the Faroe Islands is hosted jointly by ═verksetarahusi­ in KlaksvÝk, Hugskoti­ in Tˇrshavn and the Faroese Business Development Fund.

The Faroese partcipants are selected by criteria provided by the Center for Culture and Experience Economy, and the development stage of the chosen startups range from the planning stage to well implemented.
The selected startups are: Green IQ, Defined Energy, Leif S°rensen, Waterfreez, Time Cloud, Gravity Jumper, Veita.fo, Jobkit, ClearComm and Splay. These startups represent an business-area that includes everything from food and aquaculture to tech solutions and gaming.

Five judges will be on the panel, which decides the winner, who will represent the Faroe Islands in Copenhagen. The judges are: Jˇhanna ß Bergi, Marita Rasmussen, Jˇel undir Leitinum, Regin Hammer and Regin W. Dalsgaard.

The faroese competion will be held in Research Park iNOVA, HoyvÝksvegur 51, Tˇrshavn.

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Creatice Business Cup F°royar 2015