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Amanda Vang.

  • Amanda Vang, Ph.D.

    Head of the Department of Biotechnology

    Email: amanda@fiskaaling.fo 
    Phone: +298 774767

    Affiliation: P/F Fiskaaling

I am a biomedical scientist with expertise in cell signaling and immunology. My work has focused on novel drug targets in autoimmune diseases and how to modify cell recruitment from the bloodstream into different tissues.

Areas of interest

  • Translational Medicine
  • Molecular Biology
  • Cell signaling
  • Disease risk factors
  • Diagnostic tools
  • RT-PCR
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Primary cell culture and functional assays
  • Flow Cytometry

Research Projects

PDE8 in Inflammatory Bowel Disease


Amanda G. Vang, Shlomo Ben-Sasson, William Housley, Barbara Kream, Paul M. Epstein, Robert Clark, and Stefan Brocke. "cAMP signaling in Treg cell function and Teff cell suppression independent of PKA-CREM/ICER: a potential role for EPAC”. Biochemical Journal, September 5, (2013).

Amanda G. Vang, Shlomo Z. Ben-Sasson, Hongli Dong,Barbara Kream,Michael P. DeNinno,Michelle M. Claffey,William Housley, Robert B. Clark,Paul M. Epstein,and Stefan Brocke. "PDE8 regulates rapid Teff cell adhesion and proliferation independent of ICER”. PLoS ONE, August 9 (2010).

William J. Housley, Catherine O. Adams, Amanda G. Vang, Stefan Brocke, Frank C. Nichols, Melissa LaCombe, Thiruchandurai V. Rajan, Robert B. Clark., "Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor γ Is Required for CD4+T Cell-Mediated Lymphopenia-Associated Autoimmunity”. Journal of Immunology, September 9 (2011).

Amanda G. Vang, William Housley, Michelle M. Claffey, Robert B. Clark, Paul M. Epstein, and Stefan Brocke. "Identification of unique and opposing effects of PDE4- and PDE8-selective inhibition on effector T cell functions”. (In preparation)