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Anni Djurhuus.

  • Anni Djurhuus, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor in Biology

    Email: annid@setur.fo 
    Phone: +298 292571

    Affiliation: University of the Faroe Islands

Areas of interest

Dr. Anni Djurhuus is an assistant professor at the University of the Faroe Islands where she teaches general biology and microbiology.

Anni’s research interests range from hydrothermal vents, seamounts, environmental DNA, viruses, penguins, and much much more. She was previously a postdoctoral researcher employed at the University of South Florida in the Marine Genomics Laboratory led by Dr. Mya Breitbart.

Anni’s main research focus currently is on the Marine Biodiversity Observation Network (MBON) project. The MBON project involves several collaborators across the US with the aim to develop a framework for marine sanctuary managers to better assess the health of their respective ecosystems.

As a part of the MBON project, Anni aims to develop tools and methods to analyze eDNA data in a meaningful manner, map the fundamental players of the ecosystem, namely viruses and microbes, and, integrate these datasets to help with conservation on a regional and global level.

Funding for the MBON project is provided by NASA, NOAA and the Interiors Bureau of Ocean Energy and Management (BOEM).