Búmerkið hjá felagnum


The Foodlab is a modern kitchen facility dedicated to promoting research and development of Faroese foodstuffs. Chefs and other specialists can use the facility to develop new concepts and recipes involving Faroese specialties and raw materials.

The fact that the Foodlab is located in the Research Park allows users to benefit from cooperation with the resident researchers, whose competencies in molecular biology and genetic research pair well with modern gastronomic research and development.

The purpose of the Foodlab is not to accommodate catering businesses, and the equipment in the facility is deliberately not scaled for mass production.


Designed to be part of the New Nordic Cuisine wave, the Foodlab is equipped with precision cookware, including a dehydrator, a water bath, and a Pacojet, Foodlab users are expected to supply their own cookware such as pots, pans, utensils, etc. for their projects. 

Maintenance and cleaning

It is the responsibility of the users to maintain a satisfactory kitchen environment. It is expected that all personal cookware is removed after a project is completed.


The price for renting the Foodlab for concept development or quality control is 500 DKK/day or 2000 DKK/week.

In case the facility is used for an event, the price is 3000 DKK/day, which includes access to the 200 m2 event location.


Email Research Park iNOVA at inova@inova.fo to book the Foodlab.