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Maria Dam.

  • Maria Dam, Ph.D.


    Email: MariaD@evnaskyn.fo 
    Phone: +298 710100

    Affiliation: Evnaskyn IVF

Areas of interest

Has worked as project leader in pollution and pollutants in the Faroese environment since 1995.

Has extensive experience on designing both large and small project plans for analyses and assessments.

Has worked with environmental issues in regard to food safety, fish, fish farming, water-, soil- and air quality, wastewater and oil and gas issues for government and industry.

Has been a lecturer at the University of the Faroese Islands, mainly in courses on Ecotoxicology and pollution, but also in general, inorganic and organic chemistry.

Large network in governmental agencies as well as science and research institutes the Faroe Islands and abroad, especially in the Nordic countries.